Lina Condes

Lina Condes

Lina Condes (Ukr. Лiна Кондес; born 3 November 1988, Cherkassy city, Ukraine) is a Ukrainian artist. Condes’s work displays attributes of feminist context, minimalism, surrealism, and pop art, infused with autobiographical, psychological, and sexual content.

Lina Condes incorporates principles of bionic architecture and design into her work. They appear simplistic and crude (the globally-known symbol of the “stick figure” implies a lack of understanding or a refusal to emulate our three-dimensional surroundings), but once finished, they communicate gestures which no machine could fully replicate. A full series these “stick figures” are engaged in motions recalling sexual intercourse; there is no indication of identity, no indication of response or stimulus from these seemingly “dead” pieces of steel. They are rendered via computer technology, but their end result is far from mechanized.

Condes picked emojis as a subject for her art for the childhood nostalgia they evoke. Her sculptures are not just symbols of happiness, but manifestos.


Christies’ group show “Educate”,NYC
Christmas Public Art Installation. Flashing. Crossing Art Gallery, NYC
Art Miami Public Art Installation. Art Miami Organization. FL
Delano Hotel Public Art Installation. FL
Group show “Heat”. Biennale di Venezia. Venice, Italy
Solo show “Dwellings of Eternity”. Crossing Art gallery. NYC, USA
Art New York. NYC, USA
Art Palm Beach. FL, USA


Art Miami Pavilion. FL
Art Display during New York Fashion Week. New York (USA)
Art Palm Beach. FL (USA)
“Eternity” auction by Paddle8 x SOS by Lena Perminova x Magdalena M. Gabriel
“Endless Summer” charity auction & golf event. Los Angeles, USA
On the top of the world (Art Jed Gallery / St. Moritz)


Solo project “Extraterrestrial Odyssey” during Biennale Di Venezia’57
Red Dot Show during Art Basel Miami
Fontainbleau Miami Beach (Lina Condes’ Art Display during Art Basel Miami)
Delano South Beach (Lina Condes’ Art Display)
Epic Hotel Art Display (Avant Gallery) during Miami Art Week


Scope Show during Art Basel Miami (Avant gallery Miami)
Istanbul Contemporary (M17 Contemporary Art Center)
Solo exhibition “Art Fusion” SV gallery. Beirut (Lebanon)
Solo exhibition “Hard Art” M17 Contemporary Art Centre. Kiev(Ukraine)
International exhibition of sculptures and installations “Open19” Stucco Museum. Venice (Italy)
Solo show “Potpourri” Kiev National Museum. Ukraine
Art Kiev Contemporary
Group show. Historical Chocolate House. Kiev, Ukraine
Art Palm Beach. FL, USA

La Biennale di Venezia

Condes presented “Sphinx”, an interactive sculpture in which a watchful eye merges with a stylized body observing what surrounds it, sometimes with benevolence, sometimes with malevolence, during 57th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia.

"The concept of energy and positive thinking is central to Condes’ work, but also her persona…Her attitude is indicative of a belief system that is gaining popularity across Generation Z: surround yourself with positive energy, and the universe will reward you with positive outcomes.” Forbes"

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